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Trouxa Mocha

Boots with Burel Lining

Boots with Burel Lining

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"Conscious and sustainable."

Our boots are handcrafted at a small, family-owned workshop in Benedita, Portugal. This is the traditional home of Portuguese shoemaking, which has been making boots for five generations. Our highly skilled artisans use time-tested construction techniques.

The wool of our boots comes from the happy sheep that graze freely in the mountains of Serra da Estrela. The production is made in ancestral looms by various hands that give them life in a consistent and balanced way without intervening with the resources that nature offers us.


Atacadores Boots with green burel lining.


Upper material: Waxed Portuguese leather
Eyelets: Anti-rust brass hardware
Lining: Green burel
Footbed: Anti-shock foam that molds to your feet
Sole: Tyre sole
Laces: Cotton

The boots in the photos are for reference only. The leather tone may vary, becoming lighter or darker. Leather darkens with use, sunlight, or product application.


Leather shoes are stiff initially, but they'll mould to your feet within 2-3 weeks. Wear thick socks for support during the break-in period.

To avoid cracks in your leather boots, apply a leather conditioner using a cloth. Once dry, buff the boots with a brush. The leather will lighten in colour as it dries.

Store boots at room temperature, and avoid plastic bags and humidity to prevent dryness and mould.

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