We are Trouxa Mocha

We are a proud Portuguese brand inspired by the people and traditions based in Coimbra.

Trouxa Mocha is one of the colloquial forms of trouxe-mouxe, an expression which originated from the Castilian troche y moche, meaning "to do something in a slapdash, confusing and rushed manner" and later assimilated into the Portuguese language to describe that very way of doing things.

The Trouxa Mocha project seeks to honnor and revive customs and life experiences pertaining to the Portuguese heritage. We collects traditional materials at trade fairs and markets all over the country. All our items are produced in traditional local workshops and aim to capture some of the singular characteristics of the Portuguese lifestyle.

our values

EST. 2011 in Coimbra

  • Tradition

    Each item comes with a story, rooted in Portuguese traditions and techniques.

  • Timelessness

    Our clothes are always in fashion. They don't conform to trends or gender.

  • Craftsmanship

    All our products are made in Portugal, striving for the highest quality. They are made to last.

  • Responsibility

    We give materials another chance to live. It makes every piece unique.