Sebenta by Trouxa Mocha

Cerveja Artesanal from Coimbra

We got together with craft brewers and new beer was born here in Coimbra. Pale Ale styled with simple body and moderately low bitterness, within the Pale Ale style. The perfect pair to accompany a rich cuisine with its own character. It is a product for those looking for quality.

Where can you find Sebenta?

  • Cafetaria A Brasileira

    R. Ferreira Borges 124
    3000-337 Coimbra

    See location

  • Fangas Maior

    R. de Fernandes Thomas 29 3000-168 Coimbra

    See location

  • Petisqueira Portuguesa

    Largo da Sota 6

    3000-449 Coimbra

    See location

  • Taberna D'Almedina

    R. do Arco Almedina 21 3000-116 Coimbra

    See location