Portuguese throwback.

Trouxa Mocha is a brand of portuguese history-infused clothing.

Trouxa Mocha (Slapdash): is one of the colloquial forms of trouxe-mouxe, an expression which originated from the Castilian troche y moche, meaning “to do something in a slapdash, confusing and rushed manner” and later assimilated into the portuguese language to describe that very way of doing things.

At Trouxa Mocha we make different items from traditional materials bought at trade fairs, markets and shops. The aim of this project is to stimulate and value traditional retailing by offering a genuine quality handcrafted product which portrays the essence of the Portuguese way of life.

The brainchild of two architects and an economist, Trouxa Mocha is a lifestyle label. Our goods are produced using traditional manufacturing methods.